Dearest soulful woman,

Would you like to experience more intimacy?
Do you question if you are lovable or good enough?
Do you want more closeness and connection?

Are you longing to feel good in your own skin?
Do you feel a lack of sensuality and vibrancy?
Do you want to find your sexual confidence?

Do you crave to speak your truth and be heard?
Are you tired of not feeling safe or being able to trust?
Do you want more access to your power, creativity, wisdom, and truth?

Are YOU ready...
Become intimately whole, YOU, in each moment, in YOUR unique way, no matter what that is?

Through awareness, discovery and healing, we can connect with what is really here.  

Intimacy is a practice of meeting what is and deepening trust, safety, acceptance, connection and wellbeing.

There are many many layers to our complex beings and all of them are important.  Together we will navigate these so that all may be seen, heard, accepted, loved, integrated and healed.  You don't have to learn to be you.  You just need to learn how to relate to her  AND you don't have to do it alone.


What today’s world needs most...

Is the integration and embodiment of all of who we are, for us to be the awakened powerful juicy sexy heart centered activated women we have come here to be.

I am here to help women DO THIS... to find their way home…

to themselves, their bodies, their hearts, their lives and their gifts.  We can come home and rest in our wholeness, perfection and lovability.

Women are dynamic beings who can be WHOLE, integrated, and empowered in the world, at work and in all our relationships.

A whole woman can be both empowered and strong, AND soft and flowing.

  I know this path because I have walked it, I live it and I'm here to help you do it too.

Viraja Prema


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