Welcome Gentleman,

You deserve to be loved, honored,  cherished, and appreciated.

Are you impacted by how you are seen, felt, heard, acknowledged, touched or loved?

Do you have access to areas of mastery in your life, yet you feel there is something lacking?

Are you ready to take your life to the “next level”?

Love and Relationship Coaching can help you whether you are single, attracting a new partner, deepening the intimacy in your current relationship or transitioning out of one that is not working.


Are you too stressed to enjoy life?
Do you wish to feel more confident and empowered?
Do you find yourself living with emotions you don’t know how to express (ie: stress, grief, fear, disappointment, anger)?

Imagine what life would be like if the mental noise and emotional turmoil settled down.

What if the pain, the weight, the past was lifted and you could finally be more available for the life that is right in front of you? There is a lot of pressure on men.

There is so much expectation on how men be and what they do that it is often impossible for them to know who they really are.

“I help men create new pathways to emotional freedom, communication, connecting with their heart and body as well as new ways of being open and intimate in their life.”          ~ Viraja


Intimacy can be found in all aspects of life and relating.  This is comprised of the subleties of deeply connecting, authentically, in presence and openeness.  Physical and sexual connection is the most widly acknowledged expression of intimacy yet for relationship success it is important to include much more than this.  Key areas of relating and intimacy also include emotional, verbal, mental, spiritual, financial.

Do you want to learn key skills in learning how to communicate, connect, listen, touch, appreciate adore, build connection and safety?

Love and Relationship coaching will address the key areas of your initmacy and relatiohsips that YOU want and need and teach you skills to get there. 

Sometimes men can feel unequipped when it comes to meeting the needs of relationship.  Even with our best intentions in mind and heart, mistakes happen.

Relationships are designed to push our edges, to find our pain points and ‘weak spots’ as well as delight us, amaze us and grow us

Relationships are laboratories designed specifically for our growth and evolution, however, we don’t always know how to handle the challenging stuff.   What do you do if you (or our partner) gets hurt, triggered or acts out?

“As your Relationship Coach, I will help you navigate the places where there has been pain, disappointment, or trauma so that the necessary healing and repair can occur for reconnection, trust and intimacy to rebuild.” ~  Viraja

Moving together into something more.  

How do you continue to discover ways to learn, enjoy, embrace each other and the evolving relationshiop?

Do you want to go beyond what you have reached but you need help getting there?

Part of  Viraja’s role as your Love and Relationship Coach is to advocate for all parties to be heard, to feel safe, to be acknowledged, for their needs to be known, and for the deepest desires to be discovered and the skills learned to further enhance your connection and relating.

From emotions and communication, to novelty and romance, to touch and sexuality, as a couple you will learn the most supportive tools to take your relationship and intimacy to the next level.


Even if you have made your mind up to end it, completing a relationship is a process. It is possible to feel ripped open for quite a while, however this opening can actually be a window of opportunity.

Relationships often “get us to wake up”.  This is a time where we may feel and see things that might otherwise not be accessible. Properly resolving past hurts, disappointments, doubts, regrets, insecurities, etc can best prepare you to move into your future relationships in a whole new way and leave the past patterns behind.

It takes time to get ourselves back to feeling whole and happy again.  Getting support can hasten and ease this process as well as help reveal the lessons from your experiences so you do not keep repeating unhealthy relationship patterns.

DON’T LET this window of opportunity pass you by!

The keys to your next phase of your life are waiting for you.

What if there were some specific things to do that could help ease the pain, increase the understanding of why things happened the way they did and help prepare you for even better relationship experiences in the future?

Together we can walk this path and see you through to the other side;  to peace, happiness and opening up to the new gifts and LOVE that life has in store for you.

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