Coaching Couples

Hello Courageous Couple,

What are the things that determine the health of your relationship?
What is most important to you?
What could take your relationship to the next level?
How is your communication?
Are you holding onto things from the past?
Do you wish you knew what else to do?
Are you ready to learn a new way or some new skills?
Are you curious about what else is possible?

Are you wanting help in any of these areas?

  • Emotions, empathy, compassion
    Needs, wants, desires, making requests
    Communication, listening, Understanding compassionate communication
    Appreciation, Gratitude
    Energy – subtle, sexual, spiritual
    Love, languages of love, connection
    Body – embodiment, touch, energy, intimacy, pleasure
  • Adult attachment, attachment theory, attachment repair, attachment healing
    Avoidant attachment style, ambivalent attachment style, anxious attachment style, secure attachment style
  • Trust, rebuilding trust, honesty in relationships
    Presence, awareness, openness, responsiveness
    Connection, vulnerability, safety
    Love, Romance
    Physical intimacy, emotional intimacy, spiritual intimacy
    Sensuality, sexuality, sacred sexuality, sexual healing
    Passion, Desire, Sexuality
  • Evolving Intimacy & Love
    Healthy attachments and secure bonding

Together we can shift your relationship.

CLEAR: Past pain, trauma, unexpressed thoughts and emotions.

Get current with yourself and your partner. Emotions, thoughts, or energy withheld creates a block in your body and your life. Utilize this safe space and neutral third party to facilitate communication, to access recessed emotions, to address the past, to be heard and to clear the way for healing and something new.


We enter into adult relationships with patterns, beliefs and habits that formed when we were very young. Attachment Theory has revealed evidence of this and how early development attachment wounds (referred to as inner child) will effect our way of being our entire life until they are healed. Fortunately, we can heal and repattern what has been stored deep in our subconscious and body so that we can experience even more secure, safe, relaxed, loving, connected, present, easeful, empowering relating.

Inevitably, in relationship, we experience hurt, disappointment, loss, frustration, challenge, anger, separation as well as the joy, bliss, love, laughter, fun, play, connection. Much of the way we react to circumstances is based on our old programming. How we respond can be about how much we have healed our past, developed our lines of maturity, learned skills and increased our capacity to relate.

Would you like to experience your relationship from a place of a more healed inner child and healthier relationship habits and attachment style?
Would you like to heal the hurts of the past of your life and relationship and move forward in a new way?
Would you like to deepen your understanding, compassion and acceptance of yourself and each other?



There is so much to explore!
Communication, Presence, Touch, Energy, Passion, Desire, Love, Romance, Sexuality…
What, how, why, where… It all depends on you!

What do you want? What are you most interested in or needed in your life and relationship?

I delight in being your tour guide into your own bodies and into the world of connection, intimacy and love.


Each person has a unique reason for being here.
Each soul has their gifts to share with the world.
Sometimes people discover that their paths are no longer best paired with the person they have been traveling with. These decisions are so so so personal and support and care along each step are offered to you here. Each phase of relationship transition, pre, during and post can be so emotional, rich, most often challenging and profoundly important. I have traversed these roads a few times and grown massive compassion and understanding muscles to support you with the strength of love, direction, and tireless reassurance. If you are transitioning, a solid support system during your process and recovery is essential.

Some of the possible take aways, as experienced by prior clients:
Renewed Attraction, increased Safety and Openness, Healing, Connection, Passion, Desire, Love, Gratitude, Appreciation, Devotion, Fun


In person or virtual, together or a combo of some together and some solo.
Couples support programs are customized to your needs. As the nature of this work is to clear, heal and repattern some of the work may be best done together and some individually as many of our patterns originated long before the birth of this current relationship.
Couples Support Programs are offered in 3 month package intervals

PRIVATE RETREATS, Day long or Multi Day:
in San Diego or location of your choice.
Focused deep dive into the dynamics of your relating, loving, and living.

The absolute BEST way to catalyze big shifts in your relationship’s key areas of need.

Guided experience for couples in a private romantic setting that takes you on a gentle and intimate journey of safety, connection, the senses, touch, energy and sensuality. An intake interview prior to the evening will be used to specialize the flow and events of the evening to meet you and your partner where you are at, as well as guide you where you want to go. Couples leave feeling calm, connected/reconnected, present, relieved, nourished, grateful, amazed, enlivened and blissed out.
Usual time: 3 hours, can be scheduled day or evening.

For your family, your friends, your community, your business… that can and want to benefit from learning about the dynamics of compassionate communication, presence, empowered choice, conscious parenting, spiritual awakening, sacred sexuality, intimacy and love… in a safe, personalized, growthful and experiential way.

more details….
Viraja’s Guided Intimate Experiences
Intimacy & Romance Therapy

Hire your Tour Guide, Viraja, to take you on a tour like never before of your own inner world and your connection to your partner. The landscape will include how you feel in your body, traveling the land of emotions, pausing to eye gaze, seeing into the windows of each other’s soul, and discovering the many layers of connection possible between you. Be gently guided through different ways to be with, connect to and explore each other. During this time there will be ample attention on experiencing and enjoying both giving and receiving. The tour will pause and allow for the utmost discovery and benefit for all.

Before the tour begins we will discuss the best route and focus points for you and your relationship. The intention for your specially designed date night experience will be crafted by you during this conversation. As your guide I will share with you the process of the journey and set up the container for your highest benefit.