“I am utterly grateful.  I can’t believe those first 2 hours with you changed my life.  Wow, the shift and enlightenment.  The openness and love was empowering.  You shed light on my fears and embarrassments and taught me to own it all and I now feel so much more comfortable in my own skin.  It feels good to be me.”

Ann Smith, Mother of 2.5 year old son

“Viraja has an amazing ability to see into the cause of stress issues and coach an individual towards a viable solution: in my case, her assessment completely changed my life.  At a time when past decisions became an impass for my happiness, Viraja was able to help me understand the cause of my distress and gave me the strength to change my life.  In the two years sinec, Viraja has been there to help strengthen my resolve and my confidence.  She is an  insightful healer and I owe her a great deal.  I highly recommend Viraja as a coach and confidant.”

Tony Bingham, Financial Advisor

“Working with Viraja has given me a sense of strength that I didn’t have before I knew her. She believes in me and listens and is guided from such a deep, present, and loving space that so much of my struggle drops away right there. Her dedication to positive relationship, clear communication, and self expression is like none other that I have experienced and helps me to stay in line with my values and inspires me towards greater integrity within my own relationships. When I am reminded of my strength and put energy towards my relationships in this way my whole family feels it and benefits from it. Thank you, Viraja, for helping me to be a better mom to my children, a more loving connected partner, a better lover to my self and for showing me how God can be woven into all of it. Your work is such a blessing in my life. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do for our community.”

Jamie G-F, MFT and mother of 3

Mona Motwani, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer, Humanitarian, Co-Founder https://www.sparksf.org/

“Viraja is quite simply a one of a kind human being whose presence alone is a gift. Through my healing journey, I have become extremely discerning about who I work with to make sure they have the capacity to truly meet me in an attuned, caring, compassionate way. The first time I met Viraja, she met me in this way and allowed me to work through deep pain, anxiety, and sadness with compassion, love, and so much presence.

I knew immediately how safe and healing it was to work with her. She has supported me with the utmost devotion, compassion, and love in deep spaces of trauma and pain, and helped transform me often in one session from being in fight or flight to being calm and feeling completely safe in my body the next morning!

Viraja’s potent and magical combination of wisdom, intuition, and somatic work have helped me heal on such deep levels.  She has the ability to meet you right where you and create a safe container for the most potent healing, holding, and transformation.

I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about this woman! She is a true healer in every sense of the word and a gift to those of us who get to work with her.

Thank you Viraja!”

~ Mona Montwani
Shane P, Retired Navy Officer, Husband, Father of Two

“Viraja is a magical and amazing healer and simply a  wonderful person. She has many gifts that she uses to help each person individually with personalized sessions. No session has ever been the same and I’ve been seeing her for almost 15 years.

She assesses your needs intuitively and the energy in her work space is so welcoming and safe that you can’t help but let go of whatever tension, stress, fear or worries you’ve brought in. I’ve always left her work space feeling more relaxed, loved and strong, body wise and emotionally.

I have never seen a more multi-talented, gifted healer that has her superb skills that she uses to remove any ailment or complaint, physical, mental or emotional. She is a masseuse, yogi, life coach, spiritual guide, body worker, healer and energy aligner all in one beautiful spirit package.

I recommend multiple hour sessions to fully benefit from her gifts. Seeing her is easily the best investment in yourself and your happiness!”

~ Shane P
Jessica R, Speech and Language Therapist

“Viraja is a breath of fresh air, especially when compared with traditional therapies.  

Viraja truly has a gift of making people feel at ease, open, and validated while introducing new concepts and perspectives that can move you forward in your thinking.  Her insights have been extremely helpful and a I truly appreciate her guidance through an extremely difficult path in my life.  

I would recommend Viraja to anyone in need of couples counseling or individual development.”

~ Jessica R
Ehsan K, Visionary Fine Artist, Peace Activist

“Viraja is Absolutely amazing, spiritual, intuitive, professional, skillful and impressive.

Me and my fiancé Love each other so much and we been together for almost 3 years.

Throughout the journey there’s been challenges and I realized a lot of couples similar to us go through ups and downs through connection and intimacy.

And having a good relationship coach would make a huge impact on helping to heal and release all the old wounds and conditions.

We have gone through many counselors and honestly there’s nothing even close to Viraja.

I highly recommend her. After 3 sessions we have already gotten so much result and so much growth is happening.

She’s been very helpful for creating a beautiful sacred space for us and continued helping us to grow in our relationship.

Looking forward to continue taking on going sessions.”

~ Ehsan K.