Viraja Prema’s Intimacy Toolbox is an ENTIRE TOOLBOX full of INTIMACY Tools. You may notice some familiar and some… unexpected tools are included, however, when it comes to intimacy or relationships, these insights are worth knowing. Each tool is uniquely positioned to offer you the necessary range to properly keep your intimate life healthy, thriving and continually growing.

During this one of a kind 80 minute recorded live offering, members of the audience are invited to pick an item from the box. Then they discover that they are to share one by one about how that item could possibly have anything to do with intimacy. There are some surprises! Don’t worry they are not left hanging too long, Viraja joins in on each unique tool to add to the many different perspectives, flavors and influencers of intimacy.

Your Take Aways will include:

Practical tools to apply to the intimacy in your life,
The benefits of being part of an open conversation about intimacy dynamics,
Deeper understanding about yourself and your relationships,
Teachings around the impact of intimacy on your life
Tools that apply to those that are single or in relationships

Warning! Possible side effects are:
More Confidence, More Ease, More Connection,
More Empowerment, More Joy, More Fun, More Sex

If you want more in you life, support or
personal coaching around the dynamics of living an intimate life,
please contact Viraja to set up your free introductory call.


“Viraja has an amazing ability to see into the cause of stress issues and coach an individual towards a viable solution: in my case, her assessment completely changed my life. At a time when past decisions became an impasse for my happiness, Viraja was able to help me understand the cause of my distress and gave me the strength to change my life. In the two years since, Viraja has been there to help strengthen my resolve and my confidence. She is an insightful healer and I owe her a great deal. I highly recommend Viraja as a coach and confidant.” ~ Tony B., Dallas, TX, CEO

“I am utterly grateful. I can’t believe those 2 hours with you changed my life. Wow, the shift and enlightenment. The openness and love was empowering. You shed light on my fears and embarrassments and taught me to own it all and I now feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. It feels good to be me.“ ~ A.S., Poway, CA, Artist & Mother of 2.5 yr old Son

“I am so grateful to have Viraja in my life as my teacher, my healer and friend.
I have a one year old Daughter, as a new mom I knew it was important to see someone with a true heart and open mind to work away past blocks from my adult relationships and even as far back as my own childhood. I want my daughter to be raised in an environment that isn’t weighed down by past generation behaviors. Viraja is helping me open my eyes, release my weights and create the love and joy I want my daughter to feel and have in heart always.
Motherhood is a new path and journey for me. Thank you Viraja for your guidance and warm heart.” ~ E.B. – San Diego, CA, Teacher & Mother of 1 year old daughter

Full 80 minute Illuminating “Intimacy Toolbox” Video, only $19.97 (value $97)

Intimacy Toolbox

Intimacy Toolbox

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