About Viraja

What if our main purpose is to cultivate the relationship with our body and our soul and expressing it’s authentic light, energy, love, message, and gifts?

Viraja Prema, PhDc HHP is a universal activist for love and healthy and honoring connection.  The course of her life personally and professionally has revealed the emmense importance of fully “landing” into this human experience and loving all parts of ourselves and each other.  She is a Love, Intimacy and Relationship Coach and Embodiment Guide for individuals, couples and groups in support of Intimate Wholeness and Awakening.

Viraja leads with compassion, empathy, direct experience, wisdom, intuition and love. She has logged in over 10,000 client hours during her 20 years of healing facilitation in the fields of Integral Health, Sports Medicine, Massage Therapy, Tantra, Energy Psychology, various Energetic Healing modalities as well as over 10 years of specialized transformational event facilitation and life coaching: Intimacy and Relationship Coaching including attachment healing and inner child bonding, compassionate communication, authentic relating, sacred sexualty, and spiritual awakening. Her work supports overcoming anxiety, trauma, fear and separation and moving towards safety, trust, vulnerability, authenticity, feeling secure and full acceptance of all of who you are.

Professional Credentials and Interests
Viraja Prema, survived a Near Death Experience Jan 2016, and just completed the two year subtle energy and psychology training program through Luminous Awareness Institute and also was initiated into the Attachment Repair Model for attachment healing. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Sports Medicine with a Minor in Business and Biology from University of the Pacific. She followed this with a Masters Degree in Life Physics from California Institute for Human Science and is currently in a PhD program in Integral Health & Psychology. Viraja is a Holistic Health Practitioner, a trained and licensed Massage Therapist, a Reiki Master Teacher. She is also trained in Tantra, Yoga and the “Mosely Method” of Intimacy Training and as a Sexual Healing Facilitor. She has traveled, lived and worked internationally as an Event Facilitator, Coach and Healer. She has been professionally involved in healing work since 1995. Some of Viraja’s other talents include being a professional mascot, yacht crew, musician (singer, flutist), model, actress, dancer (Tango, belly dancing and other styles), California Real Estate agent and a mother of two sons. Viraja is fully committed to bringing positive change to your life.