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Viraja Prema, Intimacy Intuitive, PhDc, HHP

Viraja will assist you in claiming yourself, your truth and your sensual, sexual, and spiritual power so you can use it for love.

Are you ready to discover your personal path to power, pleasure, and purpose through your body, sexuality, and consciousness?

Welcome!   You are amazing and life is only going to get better!   

Your experiences thus far have gotten you here, exactly (and perfectly) as the person you are today.  There have been many many treasures along the way and I’ve got a feeling you are ready to uncover more of them.

Viraja’s one-of-a-kind Intimacy Intuitive Coaching Programs address:

The Three Pillars: 

    • The Past.
      • Repairing, Healing, Clearing and Honoring the Past.
    • The Present
      • Your connection to this moment, your body, experience, thoughts, emotions, and energy. Reclaim your presence and embody your essence.
    • The Future
      • How are you operating now and will that create the future you want? Learn skills and repattern so you can rejoice and celebrate.

The Three Players:

    • The Head
    • The Heart
    • The Groin

The Three Necessities: 

    • Inner Child
    • Inner Adult
    • Higher Self/Wisdom Self/Soul

The Three Pathways: 

    • Betrayal, Breach of Trust
    • Anger and Manipulation
    • Too Much/ Too Little

The Three Agents: 

    • Love
    • Acceptance
    • Perspective

These programs are a result of 25 years of studying, learning, facilitating, teaching, and refining an approach that honors the whole being and what is necessary to be able to have sustainable fulfilling intimacy. 

These offerings have been created by Viraja and require potential clients to be interviewed to be considered.   The results that are possible by this work, are undoubtedly more energy, potency, vibrancy, vitality, and power.  Due to this fact, only those serious about up-leveling themselves for the betterment of their lives, families, humanity, or the planet will be accepted.